The Public Market

Recently, I went to the Public Market to do a book review for friend, Elaine Lennox’s, book club. For those of you who have read the story, I started by “career” at the Public Market in my dad’s wholesale tomato packing business.

I didn’t like the market in those days. As I’ve said, I thought I was destined for greater things. As I’ve reflected over the years, I’ve changed my tune. It was a great experience - especially listening to my father’s sage advice about people and business.

Here are a few pics. One is with Gail Waffle. She approached me as she was sitting in the coffee shop and, as it turns out, she was the person who was instrumental in getting us permission to use Michael Chiazza’s silk screen print for the cover art. She was one of Chiazza’s best friends and we talked about his art. We had never met, but had a hug and I gave her a signed copy of the book. I just happened to have a few copies with me.

The other pic is in front of my dad’s old warehouse at 16 Public Market. I learned that his building is still in service and connected to a larger building next door - Flower City Produce. Valenti Fruit Co. lives!! Thanks, dad.

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