I must confess...

I collect bowling balls! They make wonderful garden art! I am not a good bowler. In fact, I am pretty terrible at bowling, unless you count gutter balls.

I can’t remember how it started. Innocently enough, I recall, and word of mouth helped. Then friends and co-workers began to drop off bowling balls at the house, some were just left on my doorstep!

This hobby is a great conversation starter. Many friends and co-workers have made donations to my garden art experience. 

Here are a few...

Bugs Bunny. Thank you, Romania.


Two custom-engraved balls from Michael Falcone. These two celebrated the merger of Community Health Network and AIDS Rochester to form AIDS Care in 2010.


The standout is this mosaic bowling ball, a gift of co-worker, Arlene VanHalle. It’s truly a work of art. Here I am with Arlene a few weeks ago at her birthday party.


Thank you to the friends and co-workers who have been a part of this fun collection and experience!