My Appearance on Norm & Company, WXXI

How busy this summer has been!  I recently had the pleasure of appearing on Norm & Company, which you can see through the embedded video below.  I reflect on my life as a physician, the ongoing battle that is ending the epidemic, and the people, including yourselves who follow my work, who are working to make this a reality.  As always, I encourage you to reach out with any questions!

Saturday's Book Signing

I had a book signing at Pittsford Wegmans this weekend. I signed some books and chatted with a lot of people, including many who have the book already. Among the people who stopped by was a family member of one our patients many years ago who thanked me for the work we did (note “we;" I didn’t do any of this by myself).

I must confess...

I collect bowling balls! They make wonderful garden art! I am not a good bowler. In fact, I am pretty terrible at bowling, unless you count gutter balls.

I can’t remember how it started. Innocently enough, I recall, and word of mouth helped. Then friends and co-workers began to drop off bowling balls at the house, some were just left on my doorstep!